Jewelry care

▪️Gold jewelry should be kept separate from  silver , accessories and each other at all, as gemstones may damage the gold. The higher is the  fineness of the gold, the softer it is and more easily it  can be damaged .

▪️ Jewelry should not be kept in  a cardboard box, as the latter is composed of sulfur, which may cause  black spots on the gold surface.

▪️ It is  preferable to keep the jewelry in appropriate velvet lined boxes with compartments and dividers.  If you prefer to use ordinary boxes, wrap each piece separately in a soft tissue paper to avoid scratches .

▪️ Store your jewelry in a clean, dry, dark  place.. Keep in mind that jewelry does not like moisture.

▪️Jewelry must be removed  while using household cleaners, washing hands with soap or using hand creams.

▪️ Clean your jewelry regularly with suede or other soft tissue. It is not recommended to use paper towels to avoid scratches.

▪️Warm  soapy water is also a  good option for jewelry cleaning but it can not be used often.

▪️Professional jewelry cleaning is  ultrasonic method which can be carried out once a year to restore shine and freshness of the jewelry.