ti amo jewelry


ti amo jewelry was founded in 2013 by armenian jewelers’ family. Combining jewelry skills and new technologies ti amo offers unique jewelry of high quality.

Our slogan is: ti amo-made with love. The brand name is based on love. That is why we want to make every person who wears ti amo jewelry feel loved.

ti amo offers not only high quality, elegant, modern and trendy  jewelry but also jewelry which will emphasize your pesrsonality.

The goldsmiths are an essential part of the brand’s success. Their knowledge, experimentation and the meticulous care and attention to materials embody ti amo’s primary mission to achieve beauty and marvel in every creation.

From the conception to the final creation, every single piece of jewelry comes to life forged by hours of intense workAfter jewelry design and its approval 3D modeling of the sketch is carried out, making the project more realistic. During production all jewelry goes through quality control departments.

ti amo also accepts custom orders. Our skilful designers will guide you and help you implement your jewelry ideas.