6 interesting facts about tanzanite

▪️ Found in just one place on earth, tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery. It was named after Tanzania, the country where it was found. Exotic tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, near majestic Kilimanjaro. Commercially mined in only one place, tanzanite is rarer than diamond.

▪️ Because crystals show different colors depending on viewing direction, cutters can choose violetish blue hue or the more favored pure blue depending on how much weight they want to retain from the rough.

▪️ Tanzanite is a birthstone for December, along with zircon and blue topaz. Tanzanite is also the gem for a 24th anniversary.

▪️ Tanzanite’s rich blue can be as beautiful as sapphire’s. A deep saturated blue is the most valuable colour of tanzanite. Paler tones are more affordable. Tanzanite colour is less saturated in smaller sizes. Gems must be above five carats in size to have fine colour.

▪️ Eye-visible inclusions decrease the value of tanzanite, particularly in lighter coloured stones.

▪️ Tanzanite is available in a wide range of shapes but cushion and oval cuts are most common.